I thought might be helpful to provide you with a resource page you can consult for links to information on Basel (in English wherever possible) and materials talked about in blog postings.  I’ll expand it as the site grows and reference it wherever possible in the posts. I suggest you bookmark it for easy reference. Enjoy!


Information on Basel:

The Moving to Basel  eBook – Over 170 pages of text, hyperlinked internally, and to external websites. Everything you need to know about moving to Basel at your finger tips for only 11.99 USD! – This is the website for Basel Tourism (Basel Tourismus).  It is dedicated to communicating that Basel is and offers “Culture Unlimited”. Basel Tourismus also deals with sales, PR and marketing activities. – This is the website for Basel. It has lots of great information regarding living in Basel, as well as the culture and economy of the region, in multiple languages. – The BCT (Basel Childrens Trust) is a volunteer-run, non-profit organization providing support and information to expectant parents and families with young children living in the Basel area. – This site (in English) provides personalized relocation consulting tailored to your requirements.

Discussion Forums on Basel – This is a forum about all of Switzerland, with threads providing valuable information on multiple areas of inquiry. It takes some time to find the relevant information, but its searchable and huge!  It’s also a good place for people who are moving to Basel, or have just arrived to ask questions and reach out socially, to meet people.

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Furnishing an Apartment

Ikea – Furniture and housewares – Wide variety of different merchandise


Setting up TV, Phone and Internet

UPC Cablecom – All in one provider for cable, phone and internet services

Swisscom –  All in one provider for cable, phone and internet services



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