Advertise on Life in Basel, is dedicated to providing quality information for people moving to Basel, Switzerland or for those that have already moved to Basel.

About 30% of the population of Basel are expats, many of them English-speaking. Those that have just moved are homesick, culture-shocked and looking for new retailers to provide them with the goods and services they need.

The audience of the site is growing on a daily basis, and we hope it will increase steadily as the site matures and the amount of content increases. They visit the site for about 2 minutes and look at multiple pages.

As of the end of July 2018 over 141,000 different people had visited the site. We regularly receive between 300-500 page views per day, with about 75-80% of these visitors being new to the site!!

About 50% of site visitors are already in Basel. Another 40% are people from the USA, UK and other English speaking countries that are considering/planning to come to Basel.

August 2016 LiB site statisticsAdvertising on Life in Basel will give your business exposure to this broad audience, and increase the likelihood that they will go to your store, restaurant or website.

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