Going to the Movies in Basel

Basel movies
There are lots of cinema options in Basel, both mainstream and independent.

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Basel has numerous cinemas, with both theaters that show the most recent mainstream movies, as well as more specialist movie houses that show independent and foreign films. You can find the Basel movie listings at the Cineman website or you can check the local free newspapers. In the summer, there are also open air cinemas, that allow you to enjoy the good weather outside while watching a movie.

Can I see a movie in English?

In Basel, you can find most movies dubbed either in German or in the original language (most often English). As Switzerland is multilingual, if you see a film in English, there will usually be French and German subtitles displayed on the bottom of the screen. This can be distracting initially, but you get used to it quite quickly, and after a while, don’t even notice it anymore! And, as an added bonus, it might also help you learn a little German or French.

Movie language and subtitles basel
The spoken language of the movie will be capitalized, subtitles listed in lowercase.

To make sure the movie you are going to is in English, look for the letters ‘Egf’. This means dialogue in (E)nglish, subtitles in (G)erman and (F)rench. Similarly, ‘G’ would be for a film dubbed in German with no subtitles, ‘Fg’ would be for a film with French dialogue with German subtitles, etc. Often, the Other papers and websites use ‘Original Version’ (Ov), ‘German Version’ (GV) or ‘French Version’ (FV). English and German dubbed films will be shown in the same multiplex theaters, so make sure when you buy your ticket, you’re going to the correct movie. The dialogue/subtitle designation is generally displayed by the movie showing times or next to the movie title.

How much is going to the movies in Basel going to cost me?

3D movies in Basel
3D glasses cost extra, but once you buy them you can use them for future 3D films in Basel.

Going to see a film in Basel is quite costly. A single, adult ticket generally costs 17-19 CHF, depending on where you go. If the movie you are going to is in 3D, you can add another few francs to the ticket price, as well as additional costs for 3D glasses (which you get to keep and can reuse) .

You are not allowed to bring food or drinks into most cinemas, and the snacks available are also quite costly. If you really feel like splashing out, some cinema’s have a VIP theater, where at an additional cost you sit in a separate theater, get a glass of champagne, some snacks and a more comfortable seat.

Some (but not all) movie theaters in Basel have an intermission halfway through the film, for about 10 minutes. This is an ideal time for a bathroom break or to get something to eat. If you plan to leave the cinema during this time, be sure to keep your ticket stub!

Where to see mainstream movies in Basel

Most of the ‘mainstream’ movie theaters are located in the same area, near Steinenvorstadt (between the Barfüsserplatz and Heuwagge tram stops). Below is a list of many of the mainstream cinemas in Basel.

Capitol – Steinenvorstadt 36, 4051 Basel

Pathé Eldorado – Steinenvorstadt 67, 4051 Basel

Pathé Küchlin – Steinenvorstadt 55, 4051 Basel

Pathé Plaza – Steinentorstrasse 8, 4051 Basel

Rex – Steinenvorstadt 16, 4051 Basel

Studio Central, Gerbergasse 16, 4001 Basel


Where to see independent and foreign movies in Basel

The Kult Kino theaters (http://www.kultkino.ch) are the local arthouse cinema in Basel. They show the movies in the original language with subtitles in different languages. They have English language independent and ‘brainstream’ films from around the world. There are also other independent cinemas also listed below.
kult.kino atelier – Theaterstrasse 7, 4051 Basel

kult.kino camera – Rebgasse 1, 4058 Basel

Neues Kino – Klybeckstrasse 247, 4007 Basel

Stadtkino Basel – Klostergasse 5, 4051 Basel

Outdoor movies in Basel
Open air kino (cinema) in Basel is popular in the summer.


Open-Air Cinema

During the Basel summer, there are open air screens in numerous outdoor locations. The Open Air Cinema showings take place in July and August, showing movies at Münsterplatz. The Neues Kino shows movies on a grain silo in the Rhine harbor. Some of the local outdoor swimming pools/garden parks also have outdoor film nights. Showings are weather permitting, so hope for good weather!

We hope you enjoy going to the movies in Basel!




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