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Here at LifeInBasel.com, we are dedicated to providing quality information which you will need, if you are  considering moving to Basel, Switzerland or have already moved to Basel from a different country or city.  Our purpose in creating this site is to make it the most honest and valuable resource of its kind on the web.

I am an expat from Canada who has been living in Basel for the last 12 years. I created this site so expats moving to Basel or living here currently, could get a balanced, honest perspective.  There are other sites with information about Basel on the web, but unlike tourism or business stimulus based sites, this resource will try to show the city from a more balanced perspective, highlighting both positive and negative aspects.

We want our information to be both accurate and complete.

The choice to move to Basel will have a major impact your life, and the life of anyone who joins you.  It’s critical you have the key facts at your disposal in order to make an informed decision. If you have already taken the step of moving to Basel, this site will provide resources that will help you navigate the city and to have a safe and enjoyable time in Basel.

Some of the questions we will try answer here are:

What is it like to live in Basel?

Where can I work in Basel and what do I need to know about getting a job?

Where can I go to School/University or get an internship in Basel?

What do I need to know about sending my children to school in Basel?

What resources are available for finding accommodation and getting set up in Basel?

How can I best get around Basel, or to other cities or countries?

Which restaurants, bars and stores are best?

What sights and events are available to see?

What sort of places should I avoid?

What sports/ athletics facilities are present?

Where can I find religious services?

So, we hope you will read through the informational articles we have provided and find true value.  Thanks for stopping by!  And if you need to contact us for any reason, please do so here.

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